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November 2015 Winner: Evelyn Adu-Gyamfi

In October 2015, Executive Chairman Jack Wu launched a new project called JW - Just Wish ( #JWJustWish,#JustWish. This was a project in which agents (who met the minimum monthly requirements) are able to nominate anyone ( a person or organization) of their choice to have one of their wishes granted. The wish could be something as simple as a new pair of shoes and clothes or big wishes like taking a trip to Disney World or a Trip to Paris.

Evelyn Adu-Gyamfi is single mother of 3 children - Gideon (age 14), Theothilus (age 11) and Annabella (age 8). Evelyn was 25 years old when she got married. After 10 years of living in the United States, Evelyn came home from the store one day to find that her husband had left her and returned back to Ghana. Evelyn had to start over from scratch and figure out how to provide for family. Evelyn started off by working 3 minimum wage jobs - just enough to make ends meet and provide basic things for her children. As children always came first, Evelyn always made sure that there is always enough food on the table, clothes on their back, a car to bring them to and from school and saved just enough to give a toy or 2 for each of the kids. Today, Evelyn has overcome many obstacles so she can rise up for her family. She started part-time with PFA and little by little quit each minimum wage job until she was able to make PFA her full time business opportunity. She was able to make sure that the food on the table and basic necessities needed were not from a "paycheck to a loan-paycheck mode" but rather a living a life that provides enough to put the "good food" on the table and provide great education for her kids. As Evelyn believes that it's all about education, she made sure that every "excess" penny that she earned is put away for a proper education fund for a great future for each of her kids. While Evelyn takes her three (3) kids on mini-vacations, it is her wish to take her family to one of the grandest vacations that each child would only dream of! Evelyn Adu-Gyamfi from Maryland - your wish for to take your kids on a dream vacation (aka Disney World) has been granted! Congratulations Evelyn on being the 2nd Just Wish (November 2015) winner!

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