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October 2015 Winner: Gloria Sakwa

In October 2015, Executive Chairman Jack Wu launched a new project called JW - Just Wish ( #JWJustWish, #JustWish. This was a project in which agents (who met the minimum monthly requirements) may nominate anyone of their choice to have one of their wishes granted. The wish could be something as simple as a new laptop for school or big wishes like taking a trip to Disneyland, etc.

Gloria was born in the country of Kenya. At a young age, Gloria lost both her parents and became the primary caretaker for her and her siblings. Though she had many trials and tribulations, Gloria overcame many of them and was able to migrate to the United States. She first started working in this country as a live-in nanny and was able to save up enough money for her to go to start going to culinary school. While in school, she was working 2 full-time jobs. While in school, Gloria was able to find the love of her life but as fate may have it, he was taken away from her too early and leaving behind a 1 year old son to take care of and raise. As any parent is aware, children LOVE to run around and they need a large space to play in. It is Gloria's wish to move from their current studio apartment to a 2 bedroom apartment for her and her almost 3 year old son. However, Gloria doesn't have a full amount of the 1st months and last month's deposit that is needed to move to larger place - though she has been saving little by little. Gloria Sakwa from Virginia - your wish for a 1st and last month's deposit needed to move into a larger place has been granted! Congratulations Gloria on being the 1st Just Wish (October 2015) winner!

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